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I watched Cocktail and The Dark Knight Rises last weekend. Life has been better.

I have been on a little blog break. Why, you as? Oh nothing much, I was recovering from having watched the movie Cocktail. It was a week back actually, but the staggering effect remains.  Let me break it down for you.

Saif Ali Khan’s character Gautam is a douche-bag. He goes from Delhi to London for a job, that we cannot guess the nature of till the very end. He has the worst pickup lines in history. But that doesn’t matter, because they seem to work real fine. No, he doesn’t look charming at all. He looks very much the 42 years old that he is and not in the sexy philosophy professor with slight greying hair way.

Deepika Padukone , Veronica in the movie, lives in a bachelorette pad in London, is the wild party girl whose parents don’t bother to call her much and just send her moolah, lot of. She doesn’t like to wear pants.

Diana Penty, whose character is called Meera, comes to London thinking she will be welcomed by her new husband Randeep Hooda, but he shoo-es her away. She cries in a retsaurant washroom wear she meets Veronica. Rich girl takes her home and gives her food, shelter and new western clothing. Thats a good thing for us who like to see long legs.

Anyway, long story short, Gautam and Veronica are dating casually. Gautam’s mom wants to get him married and surprise visits him in London and sees him in a Viking tramp queen costume. Veronica is not wearing pants so he can’t introduce her to his mom as his lover. So he says Meera is the one. Somewhere after this, Gautam and Meera kiss and its discovered that they love eachother. Meera feels that she is betraying her benefactor but they tell Veronica about it anyway. Veronica says she is ok but in a drinking binge reveals she loves Gautam too (WHY?!!!) in a very serious way and so Meera leaves. Then in another drunken stupor Veronica is in an accident, badly hurt, Gautam sees her through her recovery. Veronica decides that its good to be like Meera- to wear pants, to pray to Hindu idols, and spend time in the kitchen. Then she decides that she ought to be selfless (apparently yet another trait of an ideal Indian woman) and she tales Gautam to Meera in Delhi. In the end, there is another session of bad pickup lines and Gautam and Meera get together.

By the end of Cocktail, I wanted to kill myself but I made a few notes and comments.

The best thing about Cocktail : Deepika Padukone’s legs that go on for a mile.

The worst thing about Cocktail : Depiction of skewed ideas of what it is to be an “ideal Indian woman”- as someone who dresses modestly, is tamed, god-fearing,  settles for any guy,  etc.

Some questions worth pondering over-

1. Who was the alcohol sponsor for th movie? Can he sponsor me for life? No really, the number of shots of Deepika taking shots and swigs of bottles are immense. Infact, we can make a drinking game out of it.

2. Was Randeep Hooda in Fight Club or something? Why is he battered or physically hurt in different ways in every scene he features? In one scene his hand is fractured, in another, his nose is bandaged. There are no explanations given for any of his.

3. Why is the movie called cocktail? These guys mostly took swigs of bottles and were the most boring mix of people to come by, ever.

Anyway, to recover from the shock of Cocktail, I went to watch The Dark Knight Rises over the weekend. It was really interesting to see how all the Nolan fans ganged up against critics who gave bad reviews for the movie and the whole debacle of reviews being shut down till the weekend. 

Oh well, all I am going to say is that Nolan has done better and I like The Dark Knight better than the latest of the trilogy. This latest one was ofcourse nicely tempered with the climax and suspense being well executed. But with Bane (Tom Hard was great in this role btw), the villain, there was a discourse on anarchy and capitalism that desperately ought to be more carefully tackled and tread upon. I also think, that The Dark Knight Rises  stretching 2 hours 45 minutes, was  longer than necessary and some editing would have helped. I love DC comics and I love Christopher Nolan, but thats just what I think about this movie yougaiz. You are free to throw rotten tomatoes at me.


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Duma dum mast kalander!

Since I am sitting so vella in Kuwait during the holidays and don’t have much to do, apart from the occasional internship work, fun reading and watching movies, I have been venturing into the kitchen once in a while.

A few days back I made the Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. My non-vegetarian friends always make fun of me saying that biryani can NEVER be vegetarian and that anything that is called biryani or is supposed to be eaten has to have some meat in it. But that’s just what we made- Vegetable Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. Boy was it delicious!

I followed the recipe from this website here where Dassana gives out recipes for lip-smacking food and always has beautiful pictures of food that makes you really feel like cooking these dishes. Check out the recipe here – http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/hyderabad-veg-biryani-hyderabadi-vegetable-dum-biryani-recipe/

Here is a picture of my attempt that almost failed because I ignored the gas with all the commotion online about the Higgs Boson particle being found! woohoo for that!


My attempt at Veg Hyderabadi Dum Biryani

Doesn’t it look delicious?! Oh it was! So after all that absolute lack of modesty in my culinary skills, I will leave you to trying it out yourself.

Have a nice Sunday. I hope you are not being subject to watch Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham on TV right now. I can hear just the sound from the other room and I just cannot believe that Indian audiences could ever be corny enough to like that movie and I could be corny enough to have danced excitedly in front of the TV copying this,  even if I was 11 years old. 😐




July 8, 2012 · 6:49 pm


After having had a pretty sad day, I switched on the television hoping for something to cheer me up.

And there it was! Chicago to the rescue! 🙂

Though I attribute the cheering up to the lovely Chocolate Dutch Truffle I had , the movie  was very much an entertainer! A remake of the 1975 Broadway show, Chicago has a constant flow of drama, music and dance.There is never a loose moment in the movie which can be credited to everything from the plot to the performances and the brilliant execution of it.

The story goes like this. Set in Chicago of the 1920s, Velma Kelly (played by Catherine Zeta Jones) is a vaudevillian, that is, someone who is part of a theatrical variety of entertainment. Gaining popularity she is happy until she finds her husband and sister in bed together and kills both of them in a fit of rage.While she is being tried for the murder , another belle fille aspiring to be a part of vaudeville Roxie Hart(Renee Zellweneger) is jailed for murder.Being married to a colourless man Amos she ‘fools around’ with Fred Casely who promises to take her up the ranks in the business.But soon he tells her that he has no contacts and he just used her.Enraged, Roxie shoots Fred and is taken to the same jail as Velma, awaiting hanging.This is what leads to all the drama.

Enter.Billy Flynn(Richard Gere–wow! :D)  who is the only lawyer who can save them from the gallows. The jail’s matron ‘Mama’ Morton arranges for Billy to take Roxie’s case.He projects her as the sweetest murdress that ever was to the media and Chicago loves her!  Enjoying all the popularity that she always wanted Roxie is at the top of the world taking away the limelight from Velma.

Chicago makes for a comical satire on how the truth is often twisted and gladly accepted if served on a glamorous silver platter and also takes a dig at the celebrity hungry media.

The performances of the the three lead actors is brilliant with them doing all the singing and dancing.The choreography never fails to impress especially in numbers like Cell Block Tango where the other women inmates relate their reason for being jailed.The vocals by Catherine Zeta Jones are remarkably strong. A lot of credit should also be given to the the strong potrayal of the characer of Billy Flynn by Richard Gere.

Kudos to Rob Marshall as director  for  delivering such a powerful, lurid,dark yet comic entertainer.The quick pacing, the editing and the entire execution shows great talent.

Chicago is definitely a movie that has it all…crime,comedy,drama,music,dance and All that Jazz!

Must watch!

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