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exams-the brain-the number-your life.

Exams finally got over yesterday and my Second year BA is officially oh-ver! That is assuming I am passing in all subjects(definitely happening) , not with flying colours though.. but whatever.

I must admit that although we make such a big deal about exams,  arts is definitely not as difficult as an engineering , medical or CA course.Atleast its so until the Second year. I remember ranting to my friend Bing* about how I had to study 110 pages of a pathetic text book for my Foundation Course exam the next day.And in response I got to hear quite a lot of grumbling as he 110 pages in very small font was the size of one chapter in his engineering text book.But again , Foundation Course is not even a real subject.

So yes, arts definitely has made me quite laid back.Photo-copying notes a few days before the exam, not buying the text book at all,  and watching the movie version of a novel one day before the exam(yes , quite a fiasco that one) are all part of my course.

Lately I have been finding my course to be quite irritating.i don’t regret the subjects I chose- economics, english literature and statistics.Infact, I love them.But often I feel strangulated by the fact that I can’t choose my course content, drop and pick subjects as per my wish and do a more wide variety of subjects. For instance, if I could choose subjects from across different streams I would even have selected physics and geology and dance as my subjects. But it is not to be. 😦

Actually, I am even against the idea of exams and One conversation with a very frustrated John Y made me even more critical of the examination system. Leaving out entrance exams, most exams till our college level only test the left side of our brain.I’ll elaborate.The leftt side of the brain is responsible for the analytical, methodical,quantitative and memory skills. While the right side pf the brain performs the functions of feeling, imagining and perceiving.So while some people are adept with their left brain others use their right more.These exams test only the left side of our brain ,leaving the poor right brain users in a sorry state.And the result of the examination is a number which is stamped onto us ,that runs the risk of deciding the trajectory of our entire life.

Instead, we could just have a system in which students could choose their subjects across streams,  drop a subject they dint like and not lose a year, select the course content, lecture timings, choose their own projects and manner of assessment.All this is happening in universities abroad.And although a handful of colleges have made some progress towards creating such student friendly systems, majority of the students are unfortunate.

But the good news is that my generations growing up and hopefully we will bring the change.

By the way, Kapil Sibal , the Indian union HRD Minister seems to be taking a lot of positive steps towards creating this healthy environment for education.So cheers to that!

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Call me rMU

Its almost 1 am and considering I am in the middle of my exams I should either be studying or in bed by now.But as always, things like — movies that have been sitting on your comp FOREVER,  just one more episode of How I Met Your Mother and new blogs which you can fun-design yourself have a way of calling out to you most fervently when you have your exams on or have other very important things to do.

And I being one who just needs one chance to close those text books gave into the ominous voice of this silent blog I created a few days back.

Anyway, this blog doesn’t really have a strict format or theme on what it is going to be about.But I am lately trying to get stuff together for my all grown up work career life like making a new mature sounding email id unlike the old X-men inspired or batman inspired e-mail ids. So I think serious opinionated posts about world events will have to go into another blog so that my prospective employers are saved from the pain of knowing the details of personal life.So ya, this space will be about issues that I feel are important , world events, things that I experience and about this awesome place called universe!

Basically , I am blogging because I hope it will save paper.Plus, it will  make for a longer lasting journal which wont get misplaced and land into the hands of my evil brother while I am away.  😛

Apart from that I also need some regular writing practice and perhaps the incentive of coming back to a do-it-yourself blog will drive me to the comp chaque jour.

So hi! to anyone who is reading this.lets hope the journey is long!and that we all learn many things on the way.

This is The story of Paro but you can also call me rMU (since I want to sound all like a cool anonymous  blogger :P…but what the heck..my blog name gives it away!!why do I do this??!!arrrrghh!).

I am a 19(and a half) year old girl who doesn’t want to study for her exams right now.


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