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Call me rMU

Its almost 1 am and considering I am in the middle of my exams I should either be studying or in bed by now.But as always, things like — movies that have been sitting on your comp FOREVER,  just one more episode of How I Met Your Mother and new blogs which you can fun-design yourself have a way of calling out to you most fervently when you have your exams on or have other very important things to do.

And I being one who just needs one chance to close those text books gave into the ominous voice of this silent blog I created a few days back.

Anyway, this blog doesn’t really have a strict format or theme on what it is going to be about.But I am lately trying to get stuff together for my all grown up work career life like making a new mature sounding email id unlike the old X-men inspired or batman inspired e-mail ids. So I think serious opinionated posts about world events will have to go into another blog so that my prospective employers are saved from the pain of knowing the details of personal life.So ya, this space will be about issues that I feel are important , world events, things that I experience and about this awesome place called universe!

Basically , I am blogging because I hope it will save paper.Plus, it will  make for a longer lasting journal which wont get misplaced and land into the hands of my evil brother while I am away.  😛

Apart from that I also need some regular writing practice and perhaps the incentive of coming back to a do-it-yourself blog will drive me to the comp chaque jour.

So hi! to anyone who is reading this.lets hope the journey is long!and that we all learn many things on the way.

This is The story of Paro but you can also call me rMU (since I want to sound all like a cool anonymous  blogger :P…but what the heck..my blog name gives it away!!why do I do this??!!arrrrghh!).

I am a 19(and a half) year old girl who doesn’t want to study for her exams right now.


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