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Feelin’ Good

Nina, proclaiming, owning, shaking free, seizing, holding aloft, declaring, breathing, flying.
Being alive, Feeling Good.

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June 27, 2014 · 12:19 am

“WAR IS PEACE” (Orwell Manuscript)

In India, certainly, we have arrived at a 1984esque world where the past sinister deeds of murderous Ministers have been conviniently forgotten for a new fabricated past, that overrules the value of lives of fellowmen for the ideal of a “development”. It is nation where the media and materialism turns the tide of the minds, casting away truth and justice for the sake of new roads and continuous electricity and unlimited water supply. This continuous electricty supply, although will illuminate houses, but will not bring light to the voices that speak of freedom. From the high rises, those living in the shadow and underbelly of the cities will not be seen, as they are trampled and discarded. One will not even know of them as truth will be hidden, morphed, disguised and soon banished. And in this bliss of ignorance, those in the highrises will continue to rise in strength, and ultimately allow the cycle of hatred to go on turning.
This is the world we must shun, call for freedom, truth, quality and social justice.



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