I actually own and use mufflers now

One of the things I love about Delhi is the winter here. It went down to atleast 2 degrees Celsius and inside JNU the temperature fell even further because of all the trees around. I must say, Delhi has some great options for shopping (though I hate shopping) and it was just fabulous how everybody wore such nice bright-coloured winter clothes in so many designs I have never seen.

Seriously, I’ve never been in such a cold urban place before. In Bombay, winter temperatures go down to only 20 degrees or so.  When the temperature falls to 22, everybody starts using their sweaters (always in black/navy blue/maroon), sweatshirts (black/navy blue/maroon) or shawls (black/ navy blue maroon). Why these colours you ask? Well, that’s because these colours will go with anything one wears and obviously you didn’t expect we would invest on winter clothes, did you? 😐 I actually own a bright orange scarf and yellow gloves now.:D

a winter of orange scarves and yellow gloves

Also check out the view from my room! Yes sir, do imagine how glorious it will be on sunny days. Don’t even get me started on the rainy days I have seen peacocks dancing in the patch of land here.

Another foggy day!>>

By the way I am off for a party in a couple of hours. It a farewell party for one of the exchange students from Germany who was with us last semester. Its going to be pretty insane because a lot of people invited a lot of other people. Alcohol and Music will be the words of the day. Oh! the party is a theme party >> Its a (cue drumroll)…moustache party! Any idea how I can get a cool one? Something innovative would be nice..not the usual marker moustache. any ideas anybody??

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