Songs about life#1

On a more cheerful note, I decided to post all these songs I will call Songs About Life that will basically be well, songs about life or any song I relate to.  Got the idea from folks at tumblr and it seems like a great way to not forget the songs you love and also define one’s feelings in a lot of ways.

I love The Beatles and so after great thought I decided I’ll start with this, though there are atleast 4 other Beatles songs that have to be on the list. 😀



Here is also one of the best cover designs among their albums of which I have a poster!(oh yeah!)

all you need is love


By the way, I tried to upload the music directly from my computer but when I try to upload audio it accepts only xls,.jpg,.blah blah (all except .mp3,.flac or any audio)files. So I had to use the video but I prefer uploading from my computer, sans the video. Any clue whats wrong and how this can be fixed?


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  1. Very cool choices! I love all kinds of music especially songs that touch the heart. So many of the Beatles songs do just that! Also, I am a big fan of Paul because he does so much for animals. He is a vegan and helps animals in need whenever he can. And whenever Paul goes on tour, he and his band all eat vegan food. Anyway, thanks for sharing some of your favorite music. Just goes to show you that the Beatles music isn’t stuck in the past. Great music is timeless! By the way, I am so glad that you subscribed to my blog. It gave me the opportunity to find your blog. I am looking forward to more of your posts!!

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