Summer Vacation 2010 check list

So!Vacations are here and just two days into it I am already itching to go out and get busy.

So here are a few things I have decided I must do in these vacations.Ok.And putting it up here doesn’t make it binding upon me to check everything off the list.

– Learn to solve the Rubik’s cube

– Polish Marathi skills

– Get a 2 wheeler license and a 4 wheeler one also if possible

– Practice regular Arabic speaking,reading and writing

– English honours African American literature assignment

– Economics XISR credit paper

– Have a blast at the Himalayan trek

((-intern   OR   -Go for Valsad Social involvement programme camp))

Will add more stuff as it comes to mind.

Toast to an awesome vacation!! 🙂

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One response to “Summer Vacation 2010 check list

  1. Shreya

    I am glad that getting a license IS on your list. Glad to be of some influence.

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